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Common Causes of Car Crashes

front end accident damageNearly 5.5 million accidents occurred in 2010, leading to over 2.2 million injuries. While the circumstances on the road can often differ greatly, there are several common factors that can contribute to a motor vehicle accident.

The majority of auto accidents could have been avoided. Usually, a driver’s negligence is involved in several of these factors. It is also worth noting that the risk of accident is higher among teen drivers, due to inexperience and other behavioral factors.

Some causes for car crashes include:

…and many more.

In some cases an accident may be caused not by negligence but by mechanical failure and other factors outside of the driver’s control. In such cases, involved motorists may still be eligible for a claim through the driver’s insurance carrier.

Types of Auto Accidents

blue suv after an accidentIt's important to note that there are often many variables that can cause—or contribute to—an accident. In fact, even the location can significantly increase or decrease the extent of damage and/or personal injury and loss.

In most cases, almost any type of crash can leave accident victims with property damages that need to be fixed and in some instances, personal injuries that often require costly medical services to help repair the damage caused.

At the O'Connor, Acciani and Levy law firm, we understand the difficulties that many injury victims can face after a car wreck and can help fight for the justice that you deserve.

Some of the most common types of collisions include:

In our local area, Ohio roads alone saw nearly 300,000 accidents in 2011; Kentucky more than 150,000. Nearly 130,000 injuries were sustained across both states. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) and the Kentucky State Police, over 1,700 people lost their lives in car accidents that year.

Common Car Accident Injuries

nose tail accident on highwayDue to the forces that are often generated at the point of impact, vehicle occupants can suffer from a number of injuries during and after an accident. While some may be temporary and easily treatable—such as minor abrasions and lacerations or a mild concussion—others can be life threatening.

In fact, it's worth considering that many motorists that suffer from back and neck injuries often do not feel the pain of those injuries until one to three days after a crash has taken place. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a crash that was not your fault, do you have the representation you need to help fight for compensation?

Listed below are some types of trauma that may occur in a crash:

…and many more.

After an accident, it is important for everyone involved to seek medical treatment. Injuries may not be visible and symptoms can lay dormant in the hours or days following a car wreck. If you have sustained injuries and are seeking legal representation, our car accident lawyers can help.

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car accident lawyer henry accianiThere are many things to consider after an accident, including medical treatment, whether or not to return to work, how to pay bills or how to handle emotional distress. Your legal issues are serious, but the legal process doesn’t have to be an extra headache.

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