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$3 Billion: The Yearly Cost Of Potholes In America

April 29, 2016 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
$3 Billion: The Yearly Cost Of Potholes In America

Neglected potholes riddling the nation’s roadways are creating significant expenses for drivers; a study from AAA shows that potholes are costing drivers around $3 billion each year in vehicle repair costs. Two-thirds of American drivers have expressed concern over the cost of potholes on roads throughout the country. According to AAA, 16 million drivers in the U.S. have sustained vehicle damage from potholes in the past five years. On average, drivers pay $300 to repair damage caused by potholes, with events occurring three times in the last five years. Potholes can cause damage such as tire punctures, bent rims, and suspension damage. AAA reports responding to over 400 million calls each year for flat tire aide; a significant number of these flats are caused by potholes.

Dayton Increases Road Crews

As snow and ice disappear from the roadways, the damage they cause becomes more evident – in the form of potholes. As spring rolls in, road crews get to work repairing this damage. To date, the department has received 700 pothole repair calls in 2016. In response to the increasing number of potholes, the Dayton Public Works department has increased road crews. Up to six crews are working at any given time, compared to the usual three to four crews. With a larger workforce available, the city of Dayton will be able to complete roadway repairs faster. To speed the process, Dayton drivers are encouraged to contact the Public Works department by phone or by using the Dayton Delivers app to submit pothole reports. With asphalt manufacturers up and running with the warmer temperatures, Dayton’s road crews will be able to perform permanent repairs to the potholes which were temporarily patched over the winter. Have you sustained injuries in an accident caused by neglected potholes? If so, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your damages. Contact an experienced car accident attorney at O'Connor, Acciani & Levy today for a free consultation.