Cincinnati Bus Accident Lawyer

Client Review

Exceptional legal team

By: Michael P.

Title: Exceptional legal team

Client Description: My experience with Elizabeth Acciani and her staff, Melanie were exceptional. Elizabeth was on top of my case and very knowledgeable. Laws/rules and regulations are hard to understand at times and she was top notch at explaining the entire process without ever hesitating to answer any questions I may have. Elizabeth was extremely professional and caring about my case and wanted the best deal we could obtain. She is definitely a negotiator and excellent at what she does. She kept me informed and was always giving me updates and asking my opinion. I highly recommend Elizabeth and this law firm. I was provided extinguished service and my case was handled concisely with professionalism and integrity. If I ever need service again in the future, I will be obtaining O'Conner, Acciani & Levy. I trust in this firm and appreciate my experience.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars