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AAA Study: Distractions A Problem For Teen Drivers

March 27, 2015 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
AAA Study: Distractions A Problem For Teen Drivers

Compelling new evidence shows cell phone use and distracted driving among teens plays a far greater role in crashes than previously thought. A recent Automobile Association of America (AAA) study found that distractions were a factor in more than half of moderate to severe crashes involving teenagers. That's four times higher than previous estimates based on police reports.

Sending Wrong Message To Future Ddriver?

Are we sending the wrong message to future drivers? It seems as if every week, new studies are highlighting the dangers of teen drivers, technology and multi-tasking behind the wheel. But, is the temptation to mix cell phones with driving starting earlier than we thought? A number of children's driving toys including play cars, and toy steering wheel snow include toy cell phones as part of the package. To teach children about the risks of distracted driving, parents need to promote teachable moments, years before handing over the keys. Another way to combat the distracted driving epidemic: be a part of the solution, not the problem. Remember, if your child sees you texting and driving, they are more likely to mimic your behavior.

Should You Call 911 To Report A Dangerous Driver?

Another question facing lots of drivers. You're driving down the interstate and you see a careless driver, putting lives at risk. Should you call 911? Experts say yes, but were not talking about simple motor vehicle violations. Were talking about serious infractions. Remember, the 911 system is intended to render urgent assistance in true emergencies. Also remember to pull over before making the emergency call to authorities. For more than 30 years we have opened our doors to injured persons seeking comprehensive legal counsel. We are experienced Cincinnati personal injury lawyers and can guide you through the entire litigation process.