Clermont County Sheriff’s Office Targets Drugged Drivers

August 1, 2016 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Clermont County Sheriff’s Office Targets Drugged Drivers

Since April, the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office has been stepping up patrols targeted at drugged drivers. In the last four months, the sheriff's office has made 116 traffic stops during these drug-focused patrols, which have resulted in 24 arrests related to drug possession. The sheriff's office has also made two arrests for out-of-state fugitives and 19 arrests for driving with a suspended license.

Complaints Led To Drug Patrols

The increased patrols are in response to complaints from drivers heading to work in the morning, who told the sheriff's office that they were seeing cars swerving all over the road or crossing the center line. They told the sheriff's office that the drivers of these cars were obviously on drugs, according to Chief Deputy Steve Leahy. The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office noted that addicts often wake up in the morning to go buy drugs and head back home after using the drugs they bought, which is extremely dangerous for the drug user and other drivers.

Patrol Schedule

The Sheriff’s Office is patrolling south as far as Northern Kentucky and west to Cincinnati, which are both areas that are known for drug users. There is no set schedule for these patrols, which allows officers to surprise drugged drivers. The patrols are often very successful for the first couple of hours, but then word gets out and drug users end up going on a different route to avoid the patrols. Driving under the influence of drugs is extremely dangerous. Some experts argue that it is even more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a car crash with a drugged or intoxicated driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Cincinnati car accident lawyers at O'Connor Acciani & Levy today to review your claim.