Don’t Ruin Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

July 13, 2015 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Don’t Ruin Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

A car accident injury can easily bring your normal routine to an abrupt halt. You may find that you are no longer capable of working, caring for your family, or enjoying your life as you did prior to the accident. In such circumstances, a lawsuit may be your most viable remedy when you want to focus on recovering from severe injuries and other damages that stemmed from the wreck. To get started in reclaiming your life, contact an experienced Ohio attorney at O'Connor, Acciani and Levy who has the skills and knowledge needed to pursue legal action after a devastating car accident. During your free case evaluation it is important that you listen to your counsel and avoid some common, yet unfortunate mistakes that could undermine your lawsuit's success. These errors could cause your case to be dismissed and leave you unable to deal with the more serious aftermath of your car accident.

Unfinished Medical Treatment

Even if you believe you are on the mend, it is important that you follow your doctor's orders precisely and finish all prescribed medical treatment. Doing otherwise could cause the court to doubt if you were severely injured and genuinely warrant compensation. It also provides the sufficient documentation needed to bolster your case.

Withholding Information

Your lawyer needs to know every bit of detail that pertains to your accident. Rather than leave out pertinent information, you can support your case better by disclosing all that you know and allowing your legal team to decide what details need to go into your case.

Lying Or Making False Claims

Your lawsuit's success will be determined in part by how truthful you are with your legal team and the court. You should not embellish details, nor should you purposely downplay your injuries and suffering. For experienced guidance and legal advice in navigating a lawsuit, contact a practiced car accident attorney today.