Helpful Medical Aid Programs For The Elderly And Disabled

May 8, 2014 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Helpful Medical Aid Programs For The Elderly And Disabled

Recently, the Area Office on Aging sent out notices on topics which affect health insurance coverage (MyCareOhio), prescription savings available and revisions to the state of Ohio Homestead Tax Exemption. For the majority of the readership, their questions can be handled here in Fulton County. For the western edge of Lucas County, please contact those counterparts in Lucas County for the proper services.

My Care Ohio

Ohio has a number of residents who are currently covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. To better coordinate their medical care, the state has created MyCareOhio. Each individual, with counseling, must chose their coverage. For the Northwest Ohio area, that decision must be made before Sunday, June 1. By Monday, June 2, the determination of medical coverage will be made by the state. Locally, individuals who are covered by both Medicaid and Medicare and their proxies who are Lucas County residents can contact the Toledo Office on Aging, (419) 382-0624. Fulton County residents can call Cheryl Witt at (419) 337-9299 and make an appointment. Witts offices are on the second floor of the Wauseon site of the Fulton County Senior Center, located at 240 Clinton St.

RX Costs

Consider the following statements. If these conditions fit your current circumstances, you may be eligible for a Social Security benefit program that saves the average beneficiary almost $4,000 a year on prescription costs. You are not receiving Medicaid; Your monthly income, for a single person is $1,458 or less or; If this describes your situation, call the Area Office on Aging at (419) 382-0624 or locally for Fulton County residents at (419) 337-9299 to apply for extra help with your Medicare prescription drug costs.

Homestead Exemptions

Ohioan homeowners who are age 65 and older or who have a permanent disability can sign up for the Homestead Tax Exemption by filing before Monday, June 2. After that, many of these individuals may not be eligible for the tax break once new levels of income eligibility criteria become effective. The following information is from Brett Kolb, Fulton County Auditor: For Fulton County residents, if you are currently receiving the Homestead Exemption based on a prior application, you do not have to meet the 2014 income requirements and will remain grandfathered on the program. For those individuals who are filing for the property tax break, please have your photo ID and a copy of your 2013 State of Ohio income tax filing for everyone in the household. For those seeking the exemption due to disability, a letter from your physician will be necessary, along with DTE Form 105E and or a notice of award from Social Security Administration. Homeowners that would have qualified for the Homestead Exemption in 2013, but did not apply are still able to file a late application. The late filing deadline is Monday, June 2. To have qualified in 2013 both of these conditions must apply:
  1. Owned home as principal place of residence on Jan. 1, 2013.
  2. Turned at least age 65 in 2013, or permanently and totally disabled on Jan. 1, 2013 (Proof of Age or Disability Required)
Late applicants do not have to comply with the 2014 income requirements before Monday, June 2. According to the local auditors office, the average homeowner saves about $400 per year on property taxes by signing up for the Homestead Tax Exemption. The maximum savings, as calculated by the Fulton County Auditors office, is $486.22; the minimum savings is $323.30 and the average savings is $411.70. The local political subdivisions are reimbursed by Ohio for any savings provided to the homeowner. The Homestead Exemption Program can result in significant savings on your property tax bill. The Real Estate division of the Fulton County Auditors Office administers the Homestead Exemption Program in accordance with Ohio Revised Code §323.151§323.152 and §323.153. Please view the auditors website at, or email Kolb at or call (419) 337-9200 and ask for Wendy Hardy or Teresa Short. For Lucas County residents, go to the county website, lucascountyoh, click on Auditor and find Homestead Exemption, or please call (419) 213-4406. Their offices are located at One Government Center, Suite 600, Toledo 43604-2255. Do you or someone that you know need help filing for Social Security Disability benefits? At the law offices of O'Connor, Acciani and Levy, our team of lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the Social Security Laws and can help begin the filing process or review and existing application and assist with the re-filing process. To find out how we can help, call us today at (877) 288-3241 or fill out our "Free Case Evaluation" form and we will contact you shortly after we receive your inquiry.