Loss Of Limb Injury Compensation Claims

April 24, 2013 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Loss Of Limb Injury Compensation Claims

Any injury that requires the amputation of a limb or body part is a highly traumatic experience for the injury victim, their families and any others that may be dependent on the amputee. Aside from the mental and physical rehabilitation that most victims needs to endure, there are also enormous expenses that are associated with these services in addition to pain, suffering, lost wages and more. In fact, medical expenses like surgery, follow-up visits to the doctor, physical therapy and psychological therapy can range from several thousand to millions of dollars. Have you or someone that you love lost a limb in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another motorist? At the law offices of O'Connor, Acciani and Levy, we have DETAILED knowledge of the traffic and personal injury laws in Cincinnati and Kentucky and can help you to explore your legal options. To learn more, call us today at (877) 288-3241 and speak to one of our legal staff today. Alternatively, fill out our "Free Case Evaluation" form and we will contact you shortly. A personal injury lawyer Cincinnati from our firm can proudly offer injury victims 100% FREE consultations and we only get paid when we win.

What Costs Are Associated With A Prosthesis?

A prosthesis or artificial limb is fitted to the victim in some amputee cases. The price of bio-engineered appliances can be as high as $100,000. On average, artificial limbs are repaired or replaced at least every five years, a life-long expense. During the process of recovery from the loss of a limb, a practiced routine of physical therapy is needed to avoid the freezing of a joint. This may happen if weak, shortened muscles are allowed to remain inactive. It is nearly impossible to use an artificial arm or leg with a stump that has not been exercised.

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The emotional trauma of losing an arm or leg is as devastating as losing a loved one, affecting all areas of the victims life. These invisible injuries may never fully heal as the amputee copes with the new experience of being handicapped. If you or a loved one has suffered irreparable damage and amputation of a limb, contact a personal injury attorney to advise you of your rights. The law firm of O'Connor Acciani & Levy Co., LPA employs a staff of personal injury attorneys experienced in amputee cases.