Majority Of Americans Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars, AAA Report Finds

March 14, 2017 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Majority Of Americans Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars, AAA Report Finds

Even though self-driving cars offer more safety, efficiency and convenience than human-operated vehicles, more than 75 percent of American drivers are afraid to travel in self-driving cars, according to AAA's new survey. In fact, 54 percent of drivers said they would feel less safe sharing the road with self-driving cars, with just 10 percent reporting they would feel safer if self-driving cars were on the road. However, even though a lot of drivers are afraid of autonomous vehicles, nearly 60 percent of survey respondents said they are looking for autonomous features in the next vehicle they purchase. The AAA survey also revealed the following:

  • More than half of women (58 percent) feel less safe sharing the road with autonomous vehicles compared to 49 percent of men.
  • Baby boomers are the most likely to say they feel less safe with self-driving cars compared to 56 percent of people in Generation X and 41 percent of millennials.
  • The group that is most likely to want self-driving cars is millennials (70 percent).
  • Just 54 percent of Generation Xers and 51 percent of baby boomers want autonomous vehicles on our roadways.
  • Baby boomers are most likely to be afraid of self-driving cars (85 percent) compared to 73 percent of millennials and 75 percent of Generation Xers.

Reasons Drivers Are Afraid Of Self-Driving Cars

The findings from this year's survey are very similar to last year's findings. Three quarters of drivers said they were afraid to ride in autonomous vehicles and 40 percent said they would be hesitant to use self-driving technology. One possible reason drivers feel uneasy about self-driving cars could be that tests have shown great variation in the performance of self-driving technologies, including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and self-parking. The survey found that 81 percent of Americans think automated vehicle technology should perform consistently, no matter the vehicle manufacturer. AAA speculates that as autonomous technologies advance, performance will improve. The travel organization supports the incremental, safe implementation of self-driving features and plans to test autonomous technologies in the future. If you were injured or lost a loved in a car accident involving a self-driving vehicle, schedule a free consultation with the legal team at O'Connor, Acciani & Levy. Our auto accident injury attorneys can fight to recover full compensation for all of the damages you have experienced.