The Most Dangerous Roads in Ohio

September 14, 2022 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
The Most Dangerous Roads in Ohio

While a collision can occur on any road, particular risky byways and crossroads in Ohio have disproportionately high incidence of accidents and fatalities. If you've been in a significant car accident as a result of someone else's negligence, contact O'Connor, Acciani & Levy as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Northeast Ohio is a key cross-county transportation corridor as well as a business hub. The huge truck traffic alone creates a significant danger to other motorists. It's a recipe for disaster when you combine traffic congestion, road construction, winter hazards, and poor highway design. Despite these concerns, most crashes are caused by human error. Whether it's a harried commercial driver, a drowsy commuter, or a student texting while driving, O'Connor, Acciani & Levy are experienced at establishing fault and maximizing compensation.

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Ohio?

Within only a few years, over 3,000 car accidents in Ohio resulted in fatalities. Much of this was caused by crashes involving drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving. Below are the most dangerous roads to drive on in Ohio:
  • I-71 Between Exit 110B and Exit 116 (Accidents: 10 | Fatalities: 15)
  • I-75 Between Allen Road and Exit 14 (Accidents: 9 | Fatalities: 10)
  • I-480 Between Broadview Road and Exit 20A (Accidents: 9 | Fatalities: 10)
  • CR-75 Cleveland Ave. Between Huy Road and Maplewood Drive (Accidents: 8 | Fatalities: 8)
  • Morse Road from Indianola Ave. to Sunbury Road (Accidents: 6 | Fatalities: 8)
  • I-90 from Exit 179 to Exit 182B (Accidents: 6 | Fatalities: 7)
  • CR-9 St. Clair Ave. From E. 72nd Street to 172nd Street (Accidents: 6 | Fatalities: 7)
  • I-70 from Exit 103 to Exit 43A (Accidents: 6 | Fatalities: 6)
  • I-75 from E. Central Ave. to Exit 50B (Accidents: 5 | Fatalities: 7)
  • I-90 from Exit 165 to Exit 170C (Accidents: 5 | Fatalities: 7)

Why Are Ohio Roads So Bad?

According to the research, insufficient financing has prevented state and municipal governments from keeping up with maintenance and capacity expansions. Ohio ranks second in the US in terms of bridges and fourth in total interstate lane miles. The freeze/thaw cycle that occurs during the winter and spring rips asphalt away swiftly. Potholes abound when these factors are combined with road congestion. The freeze/thaw cycle ruins roads so quickly and the amount of money required to keep them fixed is rather significant. The city and state can't always keep up with demand, especially since stopping a road for any length of time in some areas will result in nightmare traffic. Cincinnati is crisscrossed by a latticework of state and city highways. The state-maintained roads require more attention and, in general, the state does not spend enough money on infrastructure repair. The main city roads are usually fine, but there are a lot of small side streets that don't get much care. The city doesn't have the resources to fix potholes on a dead-end street that doesn't get a lot of traffic.

Ohio Car Crash Statistics

Thirty one percent of fatal accidents in Ohio involved drunk driving. In this state, a BAC of 0.8% makes you legally intoxicated, but even a small sip of alcohol can negatively impact your driving abilities. Twenty five percent of fatal collisions were the result of speeding. When speeding, it is easy to lose control of your vehicle, especially if you must stop suddenly. Unfortunately, high speeds increase the chance of injuries or death. Finally, distracted driving accounted for six percent of accident-related fatalities. When you are on your phone, eating, or doing something that isn’t looking at the road, you create a hazard for everyone around you.

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