Takata Recalls Now Include Replacement Airbags

June 2, 2015 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
Takata Recalls Now Include Replacement Airbags

Takata has been at the center of numerous recalls spanning several years. Recently, the Japanese airbag supplier announced a nationwide recall affecting 34 million vehicles. That recall is considered to be the largest recall in the U.S. for a single automotive defect. The company's latest announcement on June 2 reveals that even vehicles with replacement airbags may still be in danger. O'Connor Acciani & Levy Takata lawyers are actively assisting individuals injured by Takata airbags. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced car wreck lawyers today. Kevin Kennedy, a Takata official, released a written statement prior to his testimony in front of a Congressional Hearing. Kennedy stated that vehicles with replacement airbags would need to be replaced a second time. It turns out that the replacement airbags contained the same defect as the original airbags. The sheer number of companies involved in the recall and the number of affected vehicles makes finding replacements very difficult. There are currently not enough airbags to replace all of the defective airbags. The company did not share information about the number of cars that received defective airbags. The latest announcement concerns the replacement airbags that have been used to allegedly fix defective Takata airbags.

Ammonium Nitrate Ingredients

Until recently, it was widely speculated that the airbag propellant used by Takata, ammonium nitrate, was the chief cause of the exploding airbags. The company has now identified the batwing inflators used in Takata airbags as the source of the airbag defects. A Takata spokesman has confirmed that the company will continue to use ammonium nitrate in its airbags. While there are many causes of auto accidents, these recent Takata airbag defects have proven themselves intractable.

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