The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

October 15, 2018 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Every year, thousands of injuries and fatalities occur due to distracted driving. Most of these accidents are the result of cell phone use while driving. Recognizing the dangers of texting while driving can help curtail these behaviors. If you are injured in a distracted driving accident, contact an experienced Cincinnati car accident lawyer from O’Connor, Acciani & Levy. We can review your case and determine your legal options during a free consultation.


new study published by the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) provides an important insight into the dangers of texting and driving. Findings that were revealed include:
  • People who text and drive are six times more likely to be involved in a car accident
  • Mobile phone usage is a factor in one quarter of all car accidents in the United States
  • Female drivers are more likely than males to use a mobile phone while driving
  • 68 percent of people in the study said that they need a lot of convincing to believe texting and driving is dangerous
  • Even though there are more laws prohibiting texting and driving, its use is expected to increase

Ohio Traffic Safety Laws

Ohio lawmakers recognize the dangers of texting and driving and have passed laws prohibiting certain distracted driving actions. Ohio has comprehensive laws regarding distracted driving, particularly related to using cell phones and texting.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

Most drivers are able to talk on cell phones while driving. However, drivers under 18 who are driving with a temporary instruction permit or probationary license cannot use wireless devices at all while driving. This law does not apply if the teen is using the device for an emergency, is parked outside a lane of traffic or is using a navigation system in hands-free or voice-operated mode. Violators can receive a $150 fine and a license suspension for 60 days for violating this offense for the first time.

Texting While Driving

Ohio does largely prohibit texting while driving. All drivers are prohibited from using a handheld wireless device to write, send or read a text message. The rule does not apply if the driver is using the device for an emergency, is parked outside a lane of traffic, to read, select or enter a name to call someone, to receive navigation information or safety-related information, or to use the phone in hands-free or voice-operated mode. A texting while driving violation can result in a maximum fine up to $100. However, in some circumstances, texting while driving can result in a conviction for reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter if someone dies.

Tips To Avoid Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one activity that can fortunately be completely eliminated. Some ways to prevent yourself and your teen drivers from texting while driving include:
  • Turn your phone down or off – Keep your phone volume on silent and vibrate off so that you will not be tempted to reach for your phone if it rings or notifies you of an update. If you cannot trust yourself not to reach for it anyways, turn it off completely. There are also apps that make it difficult to use your phone while the car is in motion.
  • Keep your phone out of reach – Another effective way to curb this behavior is to keep your phone out of arm’s reach. Place your phone in the trunk or in the back seat so that you will not be tempted to grab it while driving.
  • Pull over – If you run into an emergency or realize that you need to make a call or send a message, pull to the side of the road in a safe location and then take care of your business.
  • Set an example – Parents can help instill good behaviors in their teens by setting a good example. Do not text and drive in front of your children. Set rules and enforce them consistently. You can also install apps to help monitor your teen’s behavior. Bottom of Form

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