What Are The Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents?

September 14, 2018 | By O'Connor Acciani & Levy
What Are The Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle can cause devastating results. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 840 cyclists were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2016. Cyclists are at a greater risk of severe injury or death versus motor vehicle users, due to the lower risk of protection a bicycle offers. Victims can sustain serious injuries such as concussions, road rash, broken bones and other physical injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the skilled the Cincinnati bicycle accident lawyers at O’Connor, Acciani & Levy for help. We can discuss your case and review your legal options during a free, no obligation consultation. Certain types of bicycle accidents are more common, contributing to more injuries and fatalities. These include:

1. Right Cross Collisions

A right cross collision happens when a vehicle pulls out of a street, driveway, parking lot or alley to the right of a cyclist when the cyclist is already passing the vehicle. It can also occur if the vehicle pulls out far enough to block the cyclist’s right of way so he or she cannot avoid the crash. To avoid right cross collisions, cyclists should make themselves more visible to drivers with headlights and flashing lights during daytime hours and by waving, yelling, or making eye contact with the driver. Cyclists can also ride closer to the left of their lane to offer more angles of visibility and gain more space to maneuver.

2. Right Hook Crashes

Right hook crashes can happen in two ways:
  • A cyclist in front of a cross street is struck when a car turning right fails to see him or her.
  • A vehicle driver overtakes a cyclist, cutting him or her off while making a right turn, forgetting the cyclist is there or assuming they already passed the cyclist with sufficient space.
Riding to the far left of a lane can force vehicles to take more care when passing cyclists. This also gives the cyclist more space to maneuver to avoid a crash.

3. Door Prize Collisions

A door prize collision happens when a parked car driver opens the door directly in a cyclist’s path. The cyclist is blocked by the door and does not have time to notice and swerve to avoid it. To avoid door prize crashes, cyclists should ride to the left of a lane. This makes a cyclist more visible. Also, cyclists should be mindful of parked cars on the right, moving to the left if a driver is in the driver’s seat.

4. Rear-end Crashes

Rear-end crashes happen when a driver fails to stop, hitting a cyclist from the rear. This is the most common type of bicycle crash causing injuries and death to cyclists by drunk drivers. To avoid rear-end crashes, cyclists should improve their visibility with lights to the front and rear of the bike and wear reflective gear. Also, riding inside a lane rather than close to the curb can improve visibility.

5. Left Cross Collisions

Left cross collisions happen when a vehicle moving in the opposite direction of a cyclist turns left in front of the cyclists. A collision happens when the cyclist’s left side is hit, or the cyclist is cut off by the vehicle and is forced to hit the vehicle’s right side. Left cross accidents can be avoided when cyclists ride on the road, not the sidewalk, as drivers often fail to look for cyclists using sidewalks. Cyclists should always look ahead to foresee dangers and improve visibility.

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